1776 Tamarack Road Newark, Ohio | 740-522-1147

1776 Tamarack Road Newark, Ohio | 740-522-1147

Precision Craftsmanship

Transforming wood into art – where tradition meets technology, every cut at Universal Veneer tells a story of dedication and excellence.

Global Perspectives

From seasoned distributors to individual creators, our dynamic sales solutions open doors to a diverse array of North American hardwood veneers, personalized to meet your unique project needs.

Sustainable Sourcing

Scott and Hans, our dedicated log buyers, ensure our commitment to environmental stewardship by sourcing top-tier North American hardwood veneer logs – join us in crafting a future of sustainable excellence.

Unlocking Excellence

Our Core Services

Explore Universal Veneer’s commitment to excellence through Precision Production, Dynamic Sales Solutions, and Sustainable Log Procurement. Crafting quality veneers with precision and care, tailored to meet your unique needs.

Production Services - Universal Veneer


In the heart of Universal Veneer lies the art of precision production. Our custom cutting services epitomize the fusion of traditional craftsmanship and modern technology, delivering a seamless blend of quality and innovation. With a team fueled by decades of product knowledge and cutting-edge equipment, we take pride in producing hardwood veneers that exceed expectations. Your visions come to life with the core of our business – where every cut tells a story of dedication and excellence.


Experience the world of veneers through the lens of our experienced sales staff. Serving clients globally, we provide a diverse array of North American hardwood veneers. Our commitment to customer satisfaction drives our sales team to tailor solutions to your unique needs. Whether you are a seasoned distributor or an individual seeking the perfect veneer for your project, Universal Veneer welcomes your inquiries with open arms. Uncover a world of possibilities with our dynamic sales solutions.
Sales Services - Universal Veneer
Log Procurement Services - Universal Veneer

Log Procurement

Sustainability meets quality in our log procurement services. We specialize in sourcing top-tier North American hardwood veneer logs, ensuring a responsible approach to raw material acquisition. Meet Scott and Hans, our dedicated log buyers, ready to field your inquiries and uphold our commitment to environmental stewardship. At Universal Veneer, we believe in not just creating exceptional products but doing so with a conscientious eye on the future. Join us in our journey towards sustainable excellence.

Crafting Excellence Since 1978

Universal Veneer was founded in September, 1978 by Carlo Iseli in Newark, Ohio and later acquired by partners Dieter Heren and Klaus Krajewski in 1988. Newark was chosen due to its centralized location and proximity to quality timber resources. Universal Veneer has been a staple in the local community since its founding and has provided employment and opportunity to many.

Mr. Krajewski is now the majority owner of the Universal Veneer Group of Companies and has served as President since 1986.

Universal Veneer continues today with an experienced staff and also an eye towards to the future as we strive to continue to grow and provide quality veneer services well into the heart of the twenty-first century.

Commitment to Excellence

Universal Veneer’s Core Values

An unwavering focus on providing a high quality product and putting our customers first has enabled Universal Veneer to have the sort of longevity and success that allows us to continue to operate and grow.

We are working today to maintain and build relationships with customers all over the globe and provide them with the finest American hardwood veneers and custom slicing.

In addition, we are constantly investing in new machinery to ensure that safety and quality are never compromised as we head into the next generation of the hardwood industry.

Universal Veneer's Core Values
FSC® Certified! - Universal Veneer

FSC® Certified!


Universal Veneer believes that protecting the Earth and its natural resources should be at the core of all our endeavors. Because of this, we practice sustainable forestry methods and work closely with environmental agencies to ensure responsible wood procurement.

“Look for our FSC® – Certified Products”

FSC® Certified! - Universal Veneer

Custom Cutting

Our number one focus is producing veneer to the satisfaction of our customers. We strive everyday to provide a service that you can be confident in. Reach out to our experienced production staff with any inquiries.

FSC® Certified! - Universal Veneer

Worldwide Network

Universal Veneer serves markets all around the world—from right here in the United States to Europe, Asia, and the Middle East. Wood is a product that has a natural beauty that knows no borders. Customers from all over the globe can take comfort in our decades of experience in dealing with international trade.

Crafting Quality, Serving Community

Embark on a captivating exploration of our commitment to excellence, proudly crafting top-quality veneer in America while fostering a customer-first approach and actively contributing to our vibrant community – discover the heart and soul behind our unwavering dedication to superior craftsmanship and service.

Universal Veneer

Member of the Universal Veneer Group of Companies

Quality and service that you can rely on

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I used to work here. I really enjoyed working here in 3rd shift. Everyone was friendly and had no problem showing you how to do what was needed to be done.
Aletha M Crozier

Good pay, great work schedule and awesome staff! I work there and they train ya well. Friendly environment and easy to learn.

Brintley Cramer

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