Who We Are


Universal Veneer was founded in September, 1978 by Carlo Iseli in Newark, Ohio and later acquired by partners Dieter Heren and Klaus Krajewski in 1988. Newark was chosen due to its centralized location and proximity to quality timber resources. Universal Veneer has been a staple in the local community since its founding and has provided employment and opportunity to many. Mr. Krajewski is now the sole owner of the Universal Veneer Group of Companies and has served as President since 1986. Universal Veneer continues today with an experienced staff and also an eye towards to the future as we strive to continue to grow and provide quality veneer services well into the heart of the twenty-first century.

Universal Veneer


An unwavering focus on providing a high quality product and putting our customers first has enabled Universal Veneer to have the sort of longevity and success that allows us to continue to operate and grow. We are working today to maintain and build relationships with customers all over the globe and provide them with the finest American hardwood veneers and custom slicing. In addition, we are constantly investing in new machinery to ensure that safety and quality are never compromised as we head into the next generation of the hardwood industry.